Prague Summer Law School

Prague Summer Law School

"The world has become closely connected during the last decades. People from different continents, backgrounds and aims come together to work on shared goals. Although it is gradually more connected, the world of international business will always need skilled local leadership. These people will need to think above the national level, and be able to handle the most complicated and challenging tasks. Same applies to the professionals within the top-tier law firms. Only the most talented and skilled individuals will be provided with the opportunity to join in and enjoy the extraordinary conditions for their work. The work in this environment became most attractive for top graduates from elite law schools from the Unites States, Europe as well as China.

Prague Summer Program targets particularly these leaders. Its graduates will obtain all necessary information for their future career in the international business. They will learn required information from all legal fields which are the focus of big law firms. What is more, the lectures were not designed and will not be taught by academics, but partners or counsel of top-tier law firms – the people who handle these areas on daily basis. They will share with students their expertise and experience which takes years to obtain. Students will not only learn, but will also have an opportunity to put the acquired skills into practice.

If information is currently the most significant value, the experience serves as the key which helps a person to find this treasure. In the course of the program, the students will enjoy three intensive weeks of challenging work, during which they will be able to visit key legal and administrative institutions. I wish all the prospective students enough passion to handle everything what will be ahead of them during their future challenges, because today, mere knowledge is simply not good enough."

Tomáš Hülle

Director of Prague Summer Program