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logo ccefCzech China Entrepreneurs Forum is a Institution which provides a platform for enhancing and promoting the friendship between the Czech Republic and the People’s Republic of China. Our vision is to build strong mutual relationships, based on communication, understanding and trust. We will serve as a key facilitator and point of contact for individuals, public sector, and corporations which are interested in business, public policy, law, education, art or science and technology in the Czech Republic and People’s Republic of China.

CCEF activities include cultivating and strengthening business and entrepreneurial ties in relation to China by organizing business meetings, seminars or round tables. We arrange visits of key Chinese representatives of business, public policy, science, art or academia. We connect people with different views   and opinions across the fields to make more diversified groups of people with holistic views.

Another CCEF’s goal is to promote a very long tradition in the art and craft, both Chinese and Czech. Both nations can inspire each other in seeing the art from a different perspective, or in using the art and creativity across different fields. We organize cultural and social events related to the art as well as artist exchanges between the Czech Republic and China.

CCEF pays a key attention to charitable and pro bono activities and thus community work involves supporting Pink Crocodile School-kindergarten and elementary school for children with multiple disabilities; Duke of Edinburg’s International Award Czech Republic which supports active young people between 14 and 24. Among other pro bono activities belongs to arrange student exchanges+ young sportsmen/women between the Czech Republic and People’s Republic of China.

Tomáš Hülle

Tomáš Hülle


As a President, Tomas is responsible for the representation and leadership of the Czech China Entrepreneurs Forum. Tomas has been CEO of First Eastern Co., of counsel at Co-Effort law firm, founder of Prague Summer School on International Business Transactions and lecturer at Institute of Economic Studies, Charles University. He graduated from Faculty of Law, Masaryk University with a master degree in Law and recently finished his postgraduate study at the same school. Tomas participated as an expert group member at work for UNCITRAL in the area of ecommerce and online dispute resolution. He is also member of many international professional NGOs. In the past, Tomas worked for top tier international law firms and was also in charge of business legal analysis at Economic Daily (Hospodářské noviny) and The Economist (Ekonom) in the Czech Republic. Tomas also lectured at Arizona State University and John Marshall Law School in the USA and many leading law schools in China, including Peking University or Tsinghua University. He is a co-author of several books and numerous academic or business/analytical articles.

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